Decision Aid & Preop Testing Chart

Align expectations across your clinical teams

One of the reasons preoperative testing is so common before low-risk surgery is miscommunication between clinical teams who assume their peers want certain tests ordered. Once teams discuss and agree on expectations for when preop tests are necessary, hospitals can often reduce their testing rates. To support such conversations, the RITE-Size partners developed and endorsed a preoperative testing decision aid and preoperative testing reference chart for low-risk surgeries, based on national standards. The decision aid and testing chart are intended to serve as examples of one institution’s recommendations with input from their surgery, anesthesiology, and preoperative clinic team. Your hospital team is encouraged to review these documents with your local institution and adapt the guidelines and suggestions as your institution sees fit. 


Disclaimer: All recommendations on this page pertain to non-pregnant, adult patients undergoing low-risk procedures. They do not replace clinical judgment and are intended as guidance only. The criteria that were used to define low-risk surgery can be found here.

Primary Care Physician Package

Engaging physicians for optimal outcomes

Clearing a patient for surgery is a team effort with the shared goal of patient safety in mind. Over-ordering tests can often happen when providers aren’t on the same page with one another about what is necessary. RITE-Size has adopted a testing policy and decision aid based on national guidelines that will help expedite the preoperative process while preventing the potential drawbacks of unnecessary testing. By distributing this information packet to primary care providers – which includes a personalized letter, answers to frequently asked questions, and access to the decision aid tool – we aim to increase statewide awareness of unnecessary preoperative testing, improving quality of patient care and outcomes.

PDF Version & Word Version available to download.

Analytics & Research.
Driving Change Through Data-Driven Approaches.

The RITE-Size partnership contributes to and leverages a variety of ongoing efforts to document, research, and inform stakeholders about preoperative testing in Michigan using claims-based data. The resulting analytics and research publications help inform the core team’s approach to de-implementation and the resources needed to help hospitals change their practices.